Presidential Search Process

Here We Stand

Faulkner's Statement of Christian Principles and Core Values as endorsed by the Board of Trustees

Search Timeline

February-April 2014

  • Collect comments/feedback
  • Establish qualifications

April 2014

  • Board approval of process and qualifications

May-August 2014

  • Solicit résumés
  • First round of interviews

September-December 2014

  • Final interviews

February 2015

  • Board selection of new president

March 2015

  • Public announcement of new president

June 2015

  • President Hilyer retires
  • New president begins

Search Committee

The Board of Trustees has formed a Presidential Search Committee to develop the search process, develop the Qualification Statement, conduct interviews, and make a final recommendation to the board.

The members of the search committee are as follows:
Dale Kirkland (chair), Trustee
John W. Hill III, Trustee Board Chair
Jim Campbell, Trustee
Carlton Freeman, Trustee
Chip Garrett, Trustee
Jess Hall Jr., Trustee
Lavon Henley, Trustee
Billy Lambert, Trustee
H. Louis Lester Jr., Trustee
Carole Medley, Trustee


Faulkner University is conducting a national search for its next President, following the announcement by Dr. Billy D. Hilyer that he plans to retire on May 31, 2015. Dr. Hilyer has served with distinction as the university’s President for 28 years, overseeing a period of significant growth and success, while holding Faulkner true to its original mission as a distinctively Christian university that seeks to educate the whole person, including the mind, heart and soul.The Board of Trustees has named a Presidential Search Committee that will seek broad input from the public, identify and interview candidates, and make recommendations to the Board.

Share your comments

We welcome your feedback regarding the selection of Faulkner University’s next President. The Board of Trustees and the Presidential Search Committee encourage comments from all members of the Faulkner community including students, parents, staff, faculty, alumni and other friends. We welcome your opinions about important characteristics and experiences to look for in our next President, as well as suggestions you wish to make about potential candidates.

Nominate a Potential Candidate

One of the hallmarks of servant leadership is that some of the best leaders may not realize that they would be the kind of asset we seek. Some candidates may not realize the tremendous opportunities for service presented by the Faulkner presidency. In addition, potential candidates with an intense work ethic may be too busy to notice the vacancy until we approach them. We therefore welcome your nominations of potential candidates.

Please provide the candidate’s contact information including a business phone and email address. In addition, please tell us in as much detail as space permits why that candidate might be ideal for Faulkner.

Your responses will be kept confidential and will only be shared with members of the Board of Trustees.

Thank you for your response and for your prayers.

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